Water Filtration Plant

North Vancouver's Fisherman's Trail wends its way along the Seymour River starting from the end of Riverside Drive to Spur 4 Bridge which is about half way to Seymour Dam. Unfortunately as of this writing, due to a landslide that destroyed the bridge, it is no longer possible to follow the trail along the west side of the river and cross at the Twin Bridges crossing. Today we have to access the west side trail by crossing where the Baden Powell Trail crosses the river hiking a roundabout route to get to the riverside trail. It is now easier to access Fisherman's by parking next to the water treatment plant on Lillooet Road just past Capilano college and hiking down on the Homestead Trail. Homestead trail descends steeply through some lovely forest for about a kilometer until you reach a barrier with a “No dogs allowed” sign on the left. Turn left here and follow the trail. The trail is more or less flat all the way after this and follows the Seymour River up the valley deeper into the Seymour Conservation Area. There are several spots with access to the river along the trail and you will cross a section of trail where the old “Boardwalk” is being removed and replaced. The trail ends at Spar 4 Bridge which offers spectacular views up and down the river with mountains towering above. Looking east up to Mount Seymour's Western flanks Suicide Bluffs tower above you, well known to the local mountain rescue people this has been the demise of many a hapless “Out of bounds” skier.

You can hike around a short loop trail here that encircles an area of sunken forest. The river follows a tight loop at this point and it appears that it could be trying to follow a straighter course. Of course human activity could also be the cause since this is an active area for Vancouver's water supply.

Follow the trail the way you came back to the parking lot for a round trip of 14k. If you're feeling energetic you can continue for about another 8 or 10k up to the Seymour Dam.

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